Our Mission

The Fort Lauderdale Junior Woman’s Club (“FLJWC”)  is a determined group of visionary women with a national voice and a local passion.  FLJWC is dedicated to community improvement by enriching the lives of others with our volunteer spirit.

Our Club

We are a diverse group of woman that care about our community, intent on giving back as we work side by side with the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (“GFWC”), the oldest and largest Women’s Organization in the United States and internationally.   We believe there is power in numbers.  FLJWC is philanthropic in nature and carries a volunteer spirit which is rich in diversity.  We are proud to work in conjunction with GFWC Florida to encourage women of all ages to join our cause.  If you desire to work together as a team, give back to our communities, contribute your energy and artistic nature, have a passion for ecology, and believe in education, home life, international outreach, and public issues, then this is the place for you!

GFWC Community Service Programs

ARTS:  Art is essential to the quality of life! The GFWC Arts Community Service Program encourages members to promote and support arts activities in all communities.  It is designed to inspire clubwomen to engage the creative ambiance within their lives.  Create programs and projects that include music, dance, drama, theatre, and other arts-related areas, both traditional and innovative.  The artistic experience can be outward reaching or for inner satisfaction.  In other words, create an artistic experience that involves all programs and projects.

EDUCATION:  For more than a century, education has been a cornerstone of GFWC beliefs and practices.  In fact, Jane Cunningham Croly formed the GFWC “to support clubs throughout the nation and further their efforts at providing education, improved working conditions, health care, scholastic, and other reforms.”  The GFWC Education Community Service Program works to improve literacy and education awareness in communities, at home, and around the world.

CONSERVATION:  Our natural resources are among our most precious treasures.  The GFWC Conservation Community Service Program is designed for members to gain an appreciation for our environment.  Through preservation, maintenance, and restoration of our natural resources, it strives to educate members about the importance of beautifying our communities; preserving, maintaining, and restoring natural resources; and stimulating citizen action to address these concerns.  Our natural resources include, but are not limited to, water, trees, plants, air, land, and wildlife.

HOME LIFE:  The GFWC Home Life Community Service Program is designed to inform members of issues that affect the well-being of individuals, families, and communities by providing opportunities and resources to meet and address needs through volunteering.

INTERNATIONAL OUTREACH:  In a world where half of the population lives on less than $2.50 a day, and 21,000 children die each day due to poverty, GFWC encourages clubs to reach beyond their own communities and consider how they can make a global impact.

PUBLIC ISSUES:  The GFWC Public Issues Community Service Program is designed to actively connect members with effective projects and activities relating to civic engagement.  This program focuses on citizenship, Veteran’s Affairs, Emergency Preparedness, and Safety.